Destiny Private Charters

Type of boat: Cruiser with viewing glass below the waterline

Length: 78’

Max capacity: 100 passengers (wheelchair accessible)

Private Charter Rate: $700/hour

Quite a big luxurious lady she is. She is the MV Destiny . Powered by two large diesel engines with a generator on-board this ship allows you your daily luxuries like an air-conditioned lower cabin from which you can also peer into the ocean through 4 glass panes. These windows into the soul of Bermuda’s aquatic live make for amazing and unforgettable memories. The MV Destiny has two spacious decks, an upper and lower deck with the lower deck being enclosed. A partial bimini on the upper deck helps to keep your cool while partying or just sitting around on the ample chairs on deck

During the tour you can enjoy some drinks from our beverage centre which included beer, pina colada, cola, the famous Bermuda Rum swizzle and our new Buffaloo’s Milk or just enjoy a swim from the swim-deck provided with two ladders for easy access. Afterwards you can rinse yourself in a fresh water shower.