Bermuda Wedding Deals

Save the Date - Bermuda Wedding Deals

Book your hotel rooms or cruise cabins with Thinking of Bermuda and receive discounts on our wedding packages.

We have a price match guarantee to any cruise or hotel price supplied directly from the provider. As a full service wedding planner and travel agency, you’ll pay the same price as the hotel or cruise and receive the following discounts when planning your wedding in Bermuda with us.

Discounts on Our Wedding Packages:

$150 OFF: Two Person Elopement

$250 OFF: 10+ Guests

$300 OFF: 20+ Guests

$400 OFF: 40+ Guests


When you work with us you can end up combining the touches of a full service wedding planner and an unbiased approach to cruises, hotels, vendors, locations, and more. This gives you flexibility and many different options.

Wedding Packages