Bermuda Yacht Weddings - Married in Paradise

We can help arrange everything for you to host your wedding on a yacht. We partner with some of the best wedding planners and yachts on the island to help create the perfect memory. This is an important day for you, and so for your destination wedding in Bermuda we want to make sure you get the full service you desire. Here is more information about our wedding planners and packages.

Tips for Your Yacht Wedding

We want to help prepare you if you are considering a yacht to host your wedding. Here is what our wedding planners collectively had to say about a wedding on the water:

Bermuda Yacht Wedding

1) Size – On a yacht, you are limited in size in regards to space. With people standing up, you can fit up to 60 people on board for your wedding. If your friends and family, along with the wedding party, add up to more people, there are other options you may want to consider. To help you with ideas, here is a list of Bermuda wedding locations.

2) Perfect Weather – You have to be 100% comfortable with the fact that this is a perfect day scenario. Our wedding planners will help you with a backup plan for those just in case situations though. This way you don’t have to worry. If you need absolute guarantees though, this may not be the option for you.

3) Budget  If you are budget weary, the money spent on a yacht charter can be spent in other ways. At more affordable wedding venues you are able to offer things such as unique Bermudian table gifts or have a live band play. There are a multitude of ideas that our wedding planners will help you with.

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