Christmas in Bermuda - 6 Things You Should Know For a Winter Getaway

26 November 2013
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26 November 2013, Comments: 0

So you want to escape the cold winters of home and learn about Christmas in Bermuda! We completely understand. Here is what you need to know about things to do in Bermuda in December:

1) Hotel prices are lower than ever. Most room rates are slashed by more than 50% compared to the rates during the peak of the summer.

2) We still get pleasant weather (50s – low 70s), and you can explore the island at your leisure. We wouldn’t recommend swimming and snorkeling, as the water temperatures will be around the mid-60s, but other activities such as shopping, exploring the island, taking tours, and other things will certainly help fill your days with things to do.

Important Note: The beaches are NOT closed during the winter. You are still free to take a stroll and visit our beaches. Traditionally, many Bermudians will not go swimming until May 24th though.

3) The Christmas Boat Parade in Hamilton Harbor is one of the most popular annual traditions. The 2013 edition takes place on Saturday, December 7, 2013. Spokesman Steve Thomson points out that the parade is Hamilton’s largest spectator event each year, and this year has 60 entries so far. You can expect many boats, large and small, with an array of fireworks in the harbor. If you are watching from land or your own chartered yacht, expect a dramatic show filled with creativity.

4) Elbow Beach on Christmas Day. Head over to Elbow Beach in Paget Parish on the morning of Christmas. It is a popular Christmas gathering spot for expatriates staying in Bermuda. It runs between the Mandarin Oriental Elbow Beach and the Coral Beach & Tennis Club. Most of the beach is available for public access, and if you have never been on pink sand before, it is definitely worth checking out. Christmas at Elbow Beach features hundreds of people from other parts of the world celebrating the day together. If you want to stop by the grocery store on your way to the beach, the Modern Mart, located on South Road, is the closest one to Elbow Beach.

5) Boxing Day takes place the day after Christmas, as is the case throughout the British Commonwealth. It is a public holiday, and many of the shops will be closed. You should also plan out your bus and ferry schedule as they run on a holiday schedule. The Gombey troupes dancing down the streets and at community events also makes for an intriguing attraction while you celebrate Boxing Day in Bermuda.

6) The St. George’s Christmas Walkabout is an amazingly magical event organized by the Bermuda National Trust. Taking place on Friday, December 6, 2013, and starting at 6:30 pm. Some of the more lavish homes in St. George’s show their holiday decorations off to the public. While you walk in between houses, be sure to enjoy the choir concerts, the readings featuring Christmas themes, and shops in St. Georges are open late for the festivities.

Bermuda is a beautiful Christmas destination for tourists from all over the globe. If you find yourself headed to this gorgeous corner of the world, check out these and other whimsical holiday events to make your stay even more of a memorable experience.


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