Gambling in Bermuda is Now Allowed on Cruise Ships in Port

10 October 2013
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10 October 2013, Comments: 1

Casino Fun is Now Legal in Bermuda’s Ports

For holidaymakers planning a 2014 cruise to Bermuda, the country has just undergone an exciting development. In an effort to improve the country’s already booming tourism industry, the Bermuda government has recently passed an act which legalizes gambling onboard cruise liners even while in port.

What Legalized Gambling Means for Holiday Makers

Traditionally, cruise ships coming into port in Bermuda had to close their casinos for the duration of their stay. Most cruise ships dock for several days in the island’s ports so that passengers can enjoy the diverse range of attractions on offer. Unfortunately, this meant long periods without access to the ship’s casino facilities, which many travelers found inconvenient. Luckily, the problem has been resolved. Ships are now allowed to operate on-board casinos between 9 pm and 5 am.

These onboard casinos are not open to locals or non-cruise visitors to the country. In fact, gambling remains illegal everywhere else on the island. For anyone wishing to travel to Bermuda and have a good time playing poker or blackjack, a cruise ship holiday is a great opportunity.

Heritage Wharf, Dockyard, Bermuda

What Makes Gambling in Bermuda Special?

Cruise ships tend to spend a few nights in port in Bermuda, and this is because of its isolation from any other landmass. What happened though, is that the cruise ships had to close down their casinos for every one of those days in port in Bermuda, until they reached international waters again. Now that Bermuda has made a change, we should see more ships wanting to come to our island paradise – that is just our opinion of course, but it only makes sense. Due to the change in the law, more cruisers may come to Bermuda, and now those cruisers will have more entertainment options, and the cruise ships will be able to see stronger revenues – it is a win-win-win. Everyone wins here.

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What to Look Forward to in 2014

The 2014 cruise season is set to be more action-packed than ever. Visitors have a wide variety of attractions to choose from. If you want to explore the island’s surrounding reefs, a glass-bottom boat, helmet dive, snorkeling, or scuba diving trip will let you view the tropical sea life like never before. For anyone seeking fast-paced live music, one of the many beach parties on the island is sure to delight. Being that Bermuda is known for its absolute beauty and friendly people, you will also find your visit to the island to be a relaxing vacation. Being that the entire island is under 22 square miles, you can also get to nearly every excursion in no time at all.

In addition to the ship’s excursions, all cruise passengers should take the opportunity to explore. Bermuda is famous for its crystal clear waters and luxurious pink sand beaches which have remained unspoiled through careful preservation. Take time to go shopping in the island’s colorful City of Hamilton with its pastel-colored shops and cafes.

No matter what your personality or budget, cruises to Bermuda offer fun and excitement to suit everyone. The newly instated law regarding gambling in Bermuda adds a whole new element of excitement to your vacation.

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