Bermuda Transportation

Bermuda Airport Transfers

Small Groups

We have the ability to organize some of the friendliest and most knowledgeable drivers who will help your vacation start off on the right note. We have our go-to companies and specific drivers that we rely on showing arrivals a warm welcome. It’s what you would want and so it’s what we deliver.

Large groups

For large groups, we have connections with a number of companies that can easily put a fleet together. Give us a call ahead of time to coordinate the details and we will ensure that friendly drivers get you and your group from the airport to your hotel quickly and efficiently.

Free Airport Transfers For Some

If you book one of the many hotel specials on the island this year you will be happy to know that a large handful of them include a complimentary airport shuttle to their property. There are dozens of vacation packages that the various hotels on the island have put together and so getting us on the phone or emailing us is the best way to introduce you to these deals to find out if you can take advantage of the free transportation.

On-Island Transportation

All of your on-island travel can be organized ahead of time as well and groups of just a few or groups of a few thousand can be moved with ease.

Bermuda scooter rental


Bermuda Scooter Rental

You can get the latest scooter rentals in Bermuda with us. Green, energy-friendly bikes are available and delivery can take place islandwide. By sourcing from more than one scooter rental company in Bermuda, we can organize hundreds of scooters if your group needs them.




Bermuda Electric Car Rental

Are you looking for a rental car in Bermuda? Click the Car Rentals button below you’ll find all the places that will rent you a car, but not just any car – a mini electric car. You can see the photos on the other page to understand more, but the electric car rentals are small and can fit just two people. The range in mileage is from 70 km – 195 km on one charge.

Car Rentals



Mini-buses are an economical way for small groups to get around the island. They have standard fares and are easiest to catch in Dockyard where they congregate helping to provide transportation needs to cruise passengers looking for local tours or transportation to the popular pink sand beaches.

Bermuda ferry


Bermuda Ferry Schedule

Another amazing way to see the island is by ferry. It will give you a unique perspective of the island by water. The major destinations the ferry allows you to reach are Dockyard, Hamilton, and St. Georges. To see the summer schedule go to Bermuda’s official website here – 2019 Bermuda Summer Ferry Schedule. Effective from April 15, 2019 to November 3, 2019.




Bermuda Bus Schedule

The bus system in Bermuda is island-wide, but keep in mind that Sundays and Bermuda Public Holidays have limited schedules. Then some of the less frequented routes travel a limited schedule throughout the week. So you want to plan your in and out. Then you have to consider that if you are trying to get in or out of Dockyard, but you are trying to catch the bus somewhere in Sandys, Southampton, or Warwick, then it may be difficult, as the buses fill up with cruise ship passengers. And once the buses are full, they skip past passengers who are waiting at the bus stops.  With all that said, it is certainly the most affordable way to get around the island. And conversations with friendly locals is near-constant. To make sure you get off at your stop, don’t hesitate to tell the bus driver where you’re heading, and they will let you off at your stop. Here is the 2019 official bus schedule for all routes.


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