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1 May 2013
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1 May 2013, Comments: 0

Thinking of Bermuda is a full-service travel agency and destination management company for Bermuda, and only Bermuda. If you’re traveling to Bermuda or thinking about it, we want you here. We have compiled just about everything amazing to do on this 21 square mile island paradise.

A proposal can be returned within 24-48 hours. See our full services:

Bermuda DMC Services

With Thinking of Bermuda, you can see on our site some of our excursions that can be organized for your group. Charter multiple catamaran sailboats for the entire group with a BBQ and snorkeling on one day and on other days the group can break apart and choose from a list of activities and excursions that we can put in a proposal.

It is possible to have some people in the group rent a cabana at a hotel’s private beach while others go on their own choice of excursions. Take history or nature tours, fishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving charters, some of the best golfing in the world, fine rum tastings,  and so much more.

We also organize the most magnificent and memorable gala events. We are your on the ground staff during the event and we also are the ones who will introduce you to the best vendors while you are in the planning stage.

With it being such a small country, it really has made us experts. We can point you to places that are off the beaten path to a few things that you may not be able to find without a little local knowledge. Even though we’re only a call away you can follow our frequent posts on our site or on any one of our social media networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Instagram, and Pinterest.

Beautiful beach viewWhen you’re looking for things to do in Bermuda you’ll see on our website we have plenty of information on the things that are a must-see from a local’s perspective. And we’re always adding more content. Do you want to have a private dinner on the beach under the stars? Did you want to go golfing, fishing, scuba diving? We can set up dinners at the best restaurants on the island or we can host dinners in a multitude of other venues. Enjoy meals with groups of all sizes on the beach, in old forts, in a cave, on a yacht, and in many other places. We make it easy for you to find and do these things. We work with the best vendors on the island. We make sure when we recommend anything that they really are the best in Bermuda. Excursions, restaurants, activities, hotels, fishermen – anything and everything we recommend. True luxury. If you just need to know a few things about Bermuda and want to use us as a resource, on our Things to Do page you can plan many outings yourself. We want you to use our website as one of your many portals to the island.

If you’re looking for excursions in Bermuda, we have negotiated the prices with vendors so that we can offer you the same service for the same price even if you were to book them on your own. So take advantage of what we offer because we’re probably going to make your trip beyond what you believed it could be, beyond amazing. You can organize your entire trip in one phone call – airline, cruise, hotel, excursions, activities, group travel, transportation, and general over-all advice about the island.

Below are just a few of the elements you can add to your trip to make it yours:

Bermuda DMCFor Companies: 

  • – Privately organized golf tournaments
  • – Privately organized Deep-sea Fishing Tournaments
  • – Sailing regattas
  • – Ability to accommodate thousands
  • – Entire hotels available to rent at a discount
  • – Harbor/Boat Tours
  • – Fitness Programs
  • – Day of Beach Games & Activities
  • – Dinners and Dancing
  • – Galas
  • – Group Transportation
  • – Yacht Rentals



Other Excursions & Activities:

  • Private cooking classes – learn Bermudian cuisine
  • Private dinner on the beach
  • Rum Tasting – Gosling’s Black Seal Rum
  • Couples massage and spa experiences at award-winning spas
  • Kite Making – a Bermuda tradition
  • Rent your own boats
  • Snorkeling & Glass Bottom Boat Tours
  • Scuba Diving – For First Timers and the Advanced
  • Take a guided land tour of:
    • Dockyard
    • St. Georges
    • Tom Moore’s Jungle
    • The Perfumery


Our team of travel experts at Thinking of Bermuda hope you came here because Bermuda is something that sparks your interest and curiosity. We’re here to give you the best advice possible and guide you on your trip. We want your trip to be one of your most memorable vacations ever. So go ahead and browse the photo albums, follow any one of our active social networks, and subscribe to our newsletters to stay up to date on seasonal excursions and news and tips for anyone looking to travel to Bermuda. Talk to you soon.

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