Vow Renewal in Bermuda

Spending your life with the love of your life is the biggest gift ever. Another gift to yourselves is a vow renewal in Bermuda to re-tie the knot of love. If you have a significant milestone that you’ve achieved in your relationship or you just want to renew your vows in beautiful Bermuda, we are here to help you.

It is the most romantic way to recollect memories of your journey with your partner and make a new promise to continue it with a renewed love and affection. It also can be a wonderful memory and example for your children to get a glimpse of their parent’s love and care towards each other, where they learn the strength of love which keeps the entire family together.

Adding a spicy romance to your vacation is fun to add to your vow renewal at any of Bermuda’s hotels and beaches where you can continue to surprise your partner to make him or her feel all the special treatment that they deserve. The best part of a vow renewal is there are very less rules and rituals that you need to perform.

No legal paperwork needs to be filed except a public beach permit if you desire a public beach or park as your location.

Re-do your “I Do” on any of Bermuda’s most beautiful beaches. The most romantic, adventurous, and simple way of taking a vow with your love. You can also get your friends and family along to celebrate this and make it the same as your wedding day, but here in Bermuda. Start another chapter of life with your partner with the love.

If you are willing to plan for your vow renewal and are looking for the best deals or are not sure how to go about it, our wedding planners at Thinking of Bermuda are here to help. You can expect all the details to be presented to you by our team. You can call us 7 days a week or leave your phone number or email so that our team can help you get everything arranged for your vow renewal.

Vow Renewal Package For Two People:

Wedding Vow Renewal Package

Designed for the couple who wants to renew their vows without all the fuss at a destination wedding location of their choice. Our wedding planners with Thinking of Bermuda will arrange all the details.

The Package includes:

  • Marriage Officiant
  • Location Permit (public beach)*
  • R/T Transportation to and from the cruise ship or hotel**
  • Photography (1 hour)
  • Wedding Planner & Day of Coordinator

Cost: $2,580

*Choosing a private location could result in an increase in the price.
**This cost can be adjusted down if the travel costs are found to be lower.

Optional Items to Add:

  • Wedding Canopy with Flowers: From $400
  • Private Dinner on the Beach: Starts at $1,100
  • Vintage Car Rental: $350/hour
  • Black Jaguar $285/hour

Private Car Hire for Vow Renewals