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20 July 2013
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20 July 2013, Comments: 0

Bermuda is an amazing island full of activities for groups. You will find that many of the activities in Bermuda simply show off its stunning beauty – such as the snorkeling trips, beach BBQs on secluded islands, golfing, land tours, and so much more. Before we get into the other excursions, let’s talk about those secluded island beach BBQs.

Bermuda Catamaran ChartersSailing and Snorkeling Charters

One of the more requested activities is a Bermuda catamaran charter with lunch and snorkeling involved. There is an abundance of shipwrecks to snorkel over and a few secluded islands to lounge around. Imagine heading out for a few hours to snorkel over shipwrecks and colorful coral reef and then coming back in to have a beach BBQ on a secluded island. You can create a day that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Alternatively, you and your guests can head out in the evening on a sailboat or luxury yacht. The itinerary would consist of sailing or cruising around Hamilton Harbor and the Great Sound while enjoying cocktails, the stars, and the breeze of the ocean. Since you are in Bermuda, where everything is surrounded by the ocean, you can then end your cruise at the dock of a water-side restaurant for dinner. A beautiful way to start the evening before a night out on the town.

Gala Dinners

We can make your gala event uniquely Bermudian. Thinking of Bermuda will create custom gala dinners and events for your trip, however here are just a couple ideas of what you can expect from us. Enjoy an evening cocktail cruise aboard a luxury yacht and then have a private dinner inside of an old Bermuda fort that is hundreds of years old. From here you can enjoy remarkable views that were once used to protect the island.  Or you can rent out one of the many up-scale restaurants that sit on a beach with private entertainment for the evening. There are many different forms of live entertainment for you and your guests. You can choose from singers, musicians, actors, fire-breathers, and many other entertainers. Our Bermuda DMC planners are sure to amaze you with our gala events that are unique to your desires.

Rum Tastings

In California, there are wine vineyard tours. However, in Bermuda, you learn about rum. Gosling’s Rum in particular. On this tour, which can take place on-board a yacht, at a restaurant, or some other ocean-side venue, you will learn about the history, culture, and ritual behind rum in Bermuda. You will be able to taste premium aged rum and why there are people that believe it rivals the best cognacs. There can be different cocktail mixing bars with demonstrations on how to create the perfect Bermudian cocktails. You can then serve the other guests what you have made while they share theirs with you.

Bermuda Activities - FishingDeep-Sea Fishing Charters – Bermuda is famous for its big game fish. A blue marlin weighing 698 pounds (317 kilograms) was caught at the beginning of July 2013 and won the Blue Marlin World Cup Championship, an international tournament of which Bermuda holds the most titles. Book your fishing charters with Thinking of Bermuda and you can find yourself fishing with the most experienced captains that frequently fish these large tournaments catching the tournament winning fish. The boats that catch the big game fish typically take a maximum of six passengers out. With more people though, you can charter more boats and make it your own fishing tournament. Make it as friendly or competitive as you wish. We will help you create unique Bermudian prizes along with an awards party. The fishing captains will get a thrill out of it as well and everyone is certain to have plenty of fishing stories to tell at the end of the ‘tournament’.

Horseback Riding

You and your group will start your ride along the beautiful Railway Trail. This trail once ran the entire length of the island with train tracks and is now paved over and trafficked very little, other than the occasional walkers in the evening (it is closed to motorized traffic except for small scooters). As you venture through the Railway Trail, you will eventually come to overlook Warwick Long Bay. You then take the trails down the hill overlooking the ocean and will start another adventure along the trails above the beach. On this tour, you will constantly find yourself taking in the breathtaking views with plenty of opportunities for photos to capture all those precious moments. By law, the horses are allowed on the beach from the month of November until March. During the summer months, the horses are allowed to travel along the trails above the beach with its stunning views of down below.

Bermuda Sightseeing Tours

Dockyard Tours– Dockyard – You must visit Dockyard when you come to Bermuda. It is nestled in the far western tip of the island in a historical setting. The many building which once housed ammunition and soldiers are now home to a small mall and many other shops and restaurants. For one, the Dockyard Glassworks will always be an interesting place to visit. This is where you can purchase lovely handmade art glass items and watch them create them right in front of everyone. Artist Damon Simons at the factory is famous for his intricate Bermudian items, such as the Tree Frog, Bermuda Skink, Lizard, Honeymoon Hog, and Rose.

Dockyard toursHoused in the same building as the Dockyard Glassworks is The Bermuda Rum Cake Company. A visit to Dockyard is not complete without a quick visit into the shop that makes rum cakes with Bermuda’s Goslings Black Seal Rum! You are able to watch them bake the different flavors as well as try samples in order to find the best one to take back with you.


– St. Georges – On this tour you will be guided through the oldest continuously-inhabited English town in the Western Hemisphere, having been established in 1612. In honor of its deep history and culture, on November 30, 2000, the town joined the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites. If history is what you love, you will want to take this tour!

Bermuda sightseeing tours– Historical Tour – Take a walking or driving tour to see and learn about much of Bermuda’s history. You will explore forts and learn about the lifestyle back when Bermuda was known for its privateering. If you were wondering what privateering was, well, that was legalized piracy on the high-seas back when you could do those things. You just had to pay the Queen. That is probably where the Bermuda Triangle got much of its reputation from. On this tour, you will see interesting sites and come away with a unique history lesson about Bermuda.

Bermuda Nature Tours


– Eco tours – Go beyond the forts and gardens and enter the nature reserves of Bermuda. Spittal Pond and many of the other reserves close to the water or in the heart of the island will have plenty to see. Your tour guide will teach you about the different endemic trees and plants to Bermuda along with the various introduced flora.

Activities in Bermuda -GolfingGolfing

Bermuda has more golf courses per square mile than anywhere else in the world. It is only natural they will have amazingly beautiful and world-class golf courses. One golf course in Bermuda, The Mid Ocean Club, is famous in golf circles around the around. Visitors can get the chance to golf on this course on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Of course, there are six other courses to choose from. Another is the current home of the PGA Grand Slam of Golf, the Port Royal Golf Course. This course had a $14.5 million renovation in late 2009 and features some memorable holes, such as the famed hole 16.

In Summary

We just could not fit all of the things to do in Bermuda in one post. Therefore, below I listed a few other entertaining excursions and tours in Bermuda.

– Cave Exploring
– Trips to world-class spas
– Glass-bottom Boat Tours
– Museum Tours
– A visit to the Aquarium


Thinking of Bermuda

If you have a group that is traveling to Bermuda and is looking for a proposal of activities and excursions available for your group, send us an email with your travel details or call us on the phone to discuss ideas. We look forward to making your trip to Bermuda memorable.

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