14 May 2016
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Romantic Dinner on the Beach For Two

14 May 2016, Comments: 10

Come to Bermuda and experience a romantic dinner on the beach for two. It all starts off on a magical ride in a classic […]

6 December 2014
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Top 20 Bermuda Shipwrecks

6 December 2014, Comments: 2

The island of Bermuda is a great draw for sun lovers because it flaunts some of the best beaches in the world.  Situated at the […]

10 July 2014
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Is the Bermuda Triangle Real? Not at All.

10 July 2014, Comments: 8

A lot of people think the Bermuda Triangle is real, when in fact it is just a myth. It is a myth that has spread […]

24 May 2014
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Unique Local Bermuda Gifts to Buy on the Island and Online

24 May 2014, Comments: 18

Maybe you are looking for unique Bermuda gifts for your friends and family, or maybe you just want to know about a few locally made […]