A Destination Wedding in Bermuda: 5 Tips to Make it Perfect

9 September 2013
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9 September 2013, Comments: 2

Bermuda Rum SwizzleUnlike other islands, Bermuda truly is “another world.” Should you choose to have a destination wedding in Bermuda, there are things that you must consider.

Bermuda, situated 640 miles northeast of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, is just a two hour and twenty-minute flight from New York, and it is sure to be the most beautiful group of islands off the East Coast of the United States. Bermuda is the North Atlantic’s little secret, a virtual jewel located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

If you ask most people, they would tell you that Bermuda is an island in the Caribbean but many people are surprised to hear it is so high in the Atlantic and receives its tropical nature due to the warm currents of the Gulf Stream. Aqua blue waters, pink & white sand, white Bermuda slate rooftops & brightly colored homes, and the friendliest people that you would ever want to meet. These are just a few of the things that distinguish this island from the rest of the world.

At just twenty-one miles long, if you are looking for paradise without traveling hours to get there, Bermuda is the island to consider.

Here are 5 tips to get your wedding planning started:

  • 1. Book your Accommodations EarlyCambridge Beaches North Rock Suite

A destination wedding requires detailed planning – depending on the size of your wedding, start planning at least 8 months or more before for a wedding of 100 or more people. Planning a small wedding of 2-20 is not a problem, but there are many moving parts to larger weddings.

The most important detail to consider if you are planning to get married in Bermuda is where you and your guests will be staying. Make your reservations early with the assistance of your travel agent and based on your budget.

The price of accommodations starts to increase starting May 24th through mid-September, which is peak season, and most hotels require a four-night stay.  During October through April, hotel rates are lower and the four-night minimum stay does not apply.

Although Bermuda is not in the Tropics, winter temperatures, which are humid and cool, can vary from high the 70’s to the low 60’s.

  • 2. Choose Your Wedding Location In Advance

Reserve a location and date for your wedding and reception as soon as possible. Bermuda is a small island and although there are many wedding venues, they are usually reserved 6 months to a year in advance. So do not be disappointed, book early. To help you with ideas, here is a list of Bermuda wedding locations.

  • 3. Decide on a Budget

Once you have decided what you want for your dream wedding and the number of guests attending, decide how much you want to spend and be realistic. Although you will not have the same number of guests that you would have compared to getting married at home, the average cost for a destination wedding depending on size can range between $1400 for a simple two-person wedding to $50,000 or more depending on how elaborate the wedding is and the number of guests invited. Be flexible when planning your wedding unless the price is not an issue. It is possible to have a beautiful wedding that is within your budget if your financial plan is realistic.

  • Bermuda Catamaran charter4. Plan 2-3 Days of Activities for your Guests

Your guests have traveled a distance to attend your wedding, planning activities for them, while they are in Bermuda, is a nice touch.

Beach parties, rehearsal dinners, cocktail cruises, snorkeling tours, golf outings, and so many other activities on the island are fun ways to entertain your guests on the days leading up to your wedding. Post-wedding activities can include something such as breakfast or brunch prior to leaving for the airport or cruise ship to say thank you for coming.

  • 5. Hire a Local Wedding Planner

Weddings are a challenge and arranging a destination wedding can be a nightmare. Planning a wedding is a full-time job and attention to detail is extremely important. Wedding day logistics must be organized to ensure that the ceremony and reception go off without a glitch. There are vendors, timelines, and budgets to manage, leaving room for oversights and things to go wrong.

A wedding planner will know all of the requirements for getting married in Bermuda. They have access to the best vendors at the best price, i.e. florist, photographers, musicians, DJs, and the best locations for your wedding and your budget.

Brides who have decided to go it alone and not use a wedding planner have often lived to regret their decision, stating, “If I had to do it again I would choose to use a planner.”

Thinking of Bermuda

It is your wedding day and you, the groom, and your guests should enjoy it. The wedding planners that work with Thinking of Bermuda will be the ones who are constantly putting out fires and orchestrating the event. Along with creating a wonderful vacation to Bermuda, we will make sure your wedding day is remembered for a lifetime. You will find planning a wedding with Thinking of Bermuda to be stress-free with no worries.

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2 responses on “A Destination Wedding in Bermuda: 5 Tips to Make it Perfect

  1. My boyfriend of 8 years was talking last night about visiting Bermuda. Just think of this on our second date he said to me ONE AND DONE. And believe me I’ve asked throughout the years. After 10 minutes of talking about vacationing in Bermuda he asked me if I would marry him there. please send me information I’m planning a small wedding in Bermuda. Sincerely Donna Hankins

    • John says:

      Hi Donna,

      Congratulations! We would love to help you plan your wedding in Bermuda. The lead up to your wedding sounds exciting and we look forward to helping you plan it. I’ll email you now connecting you with our wedding planner.

      Johnny Gallo

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