9 Things To Do In Bermuda For Couples

16 February 2014
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16 February 2014, Comments: 0

Bermuda is known for its romance, and so with that reputation, many couples come to Bermuda for a weekend or week-long getaway. Our DMC clients send dozens of their top performers along with their spouses to Bermuda. Honeymoons, Weddings, Anniversaries. Should we go on? Thousands of couples grace Bermuda’s shores each year from the East Coast to Europe. To help alleviate some of the stress and worries when planning your vacation, here are what we believe to be some of the best vacation ideas for couples traveling to Bermuda:

Private Dinners on the Beach

One unique thing couples can do in Bermuda is have a private dinner on a beach. Resorts like the Cambridge Beaches, Elbow Beach, or The Reefs all offer private dinners on the beach. Elbow Beach dinners are right on the sand every night! To organize your own private dinner on the beach, click the button below.

Romantic Dates

Private Dinners on the Beach

Water Activities

In regards to water activities in Bermuda for couples, it depends on what you want. Would you like a deep-sea fishing trip, snorkeling, a glass-bottom boat, scuba diving, or something more relaxed like a private boat tour? On a private tour, you can rent a boat with a captain, and do whatever you want on this trip. The boats with Thinking of Bermuda start at $450 for a 2-hour sunset charter. With a couples discount, you are able to sail for $405. These are 2016 rates. Another popular tour is to organize a 2-3 hour private snorkeling trip and then have the captain drop you off in Hamilton or Dockyard for lunch. The boat can pick you up and drop you off in most places on the island. Call us to discuss specific pick-up locations closest to you at your home, hotel, or cruise port.

Private Yacht Charters


There are a number of golf courses in Bermuda that will make you happy. The Mid Ocean Club is absolutely beautiful and on many golfer’s bucket lists. They only accept visitors on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays and we highly recommend booking tee times well in advance. Tucker’s Point Golf Club and the Port Royal Golf Course are two other remarkable courses. Turtle Hill Golf Club at the Southampton Princess also offers beautiful views and hills. Take a look at our list of golf courses in Bermuda for addresses and contact information.

Golf Course Hugging Bermuda's Coast


For history, I would say to visit the Maritime Museum in Dockyard, along with a number of other forts as well. Are you going to be renting scooters on the island? If so, you will have your own transportation. This makes it easier to visit some of the other smaller forts, such as Scaur Hill and Gunpoint Fort in Somerset. Or you can ride along the railway trail to take in the views of the island in a quiet place. Fort Hamilton is another great fort to take a look at too. It has fantastic views of Hamilton Harbor.

Private History Tours

There are also a number of private history tours that Thinking of Bermuda can help you organize. Our tour guide has been in the tourism business for many years and will make sure your tour is memorable.

Glassblowing and Dining

While you are in Dockyard, make sure to stop by the glass blowing factory – then stop next door for some rum cake. You can watch the artisans create glass pieces right in front of you. While you are still in Somerset/Sandys Parish, have lunch at the Salt Rock Grill or Somerset Country Squire. Both restaurants are located in Somerset Village and offer splendid views over Mangrove Bay.

A great place to have lunch in Dockyard is at the Frog and Onion or Bonefish Bar and Grill. Have a bowl of Bermuda Fish Chowder and maybe drink a Bermuda Rum and Coke or Dark n’ Stormy. Dockyard is full of history, and both restaurants are inside the old buildings used during the time when British soldiers occupied the Royal Naval Dockyard. The Royal Navy left in 1995.

Welcome Baskets

For your significant other, we can organize welcome baskets. It can be waiting in the hotel room when you both arrive at the hotel…or every night on the trip. We have uniquely Bermudian gift ideas, or you can tell us what you want to put in there.

Good Friday in Bermuda – Kite Flying

Good Friday in Bermuda consists of making traditional Bermuda kites. A few hotels organize kite making on their grounds where you can partake in the activities, make a few kites, and head out to fly them. Good Friday is taking place on Friday, April 18, 2014, and with good weather, there will be hundreds of people at Horseshoe Bay Beach flying kites throughout the day. Typically, Bermudians will bring the largest kites down to Horseshoe Bay to fly, and the oversized kites are always interesting to see. However, anywhere where there is a large field, or most folk’s backyards, you will see a kite flying on that Friday. You will definitely hear the ‘hummers’ on the kites. The buzzing noise coming from Bermuda-made kites is created from folding the paper over in half on strings stretched across the top of the kites – they then flap together. If you plan on visiting the island, browse through the events in Bermuda that we have compiled into a list.

These are just a few ideas to get started with planning. When you get in touch with us for a free consultation, we can nail down some definite tours and attractions you will want to see.

Upscale Restaurants in Bermuda

Here is a list of restaurants in Bermuda that you may want to dine at when you visit:


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