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Bermuda Boat Tours

Sailboats in the sunset

There are an abundance of charters available in Bermuda. Choose from a laid back sailing charter with just the sun and a drink in your hand, or head out looking for glow worms, turtles, shooting stars, whales, or pirate ships. Fine, you won’t see any pirates around the island, but you will certainly enjoy yourself on any of the following boat tours in Bermuda.

Sailing Tours

Bermuda sailing charters are popular among visitors. Catering, drinks, sunsets, hidden coves, private islands, snorkeling, BBQs. You can have it all. If your group is large enough you can take a few sailboats out and have a raft up for the afternoon in Paradise Lakes or King’s Point- both beautiful areas only accessible by water. There is nothing like it. Plan a day on the water with us and we will make sure it is unforgettable.

Boat tours around BermudaStargazing Tours

You have to remember that Bermuda is out there in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean about 640 miles out from North Carolina. That means there is little to no light pollution in the sky and so the amount of stars you are able to see is amazing. It really is beautiful on clear nights. On this tour a very knowledgeable captain will take you and your guests out on the water to learn about the stars while you enjoy cocktails and a cruise.

Bermuda Whale Watching Tours

Whales will migrate from the south heading north on their annual migration paths. Pigmy Sperm Whales and Humpbacks are frequently spotted each year along with the regular dolphins that inhabit our surrounding waters. The month of March is when you will be able to take a tour along Bermuda’s beautiful South Shore to see these majestic animals. The reasons they stop by our island haven is to feed their calves as Bermuda provides them the necessary food to carry along on their journey north.

Tour the harbors and coves with beautiful water front homes

This tour is exactly what it says – tour the bays around the City of Hamilton and learn about the famous inhabitants the many homes have seen – such as the home where they say John Lennon wrote his last album. You will also learn some of the history of Bermuda, see the first aquarium (which is now a private island), see Dockyard from the water, and more.
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