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Restless Native Charter Rates

Onboard the Restless Native, you have a full bar, music, and can arrange catering. Put the towering white sails up and head out for a relaxing catamaran charter in Bermuda’s vibrant blue waters. Don’t be surprised if you find chocolate chip cookies baked fresh on the boat, along with lemonade, and Bermuda’s famous Rum Swizzle.

Bring your iPhone/iPod to plug in to the boat’s stereo system. There is also a plug to charge the device while the music plays to keep it playing all day or night.

The color pink, like the Restless Native’s hull, and Bermuda’s pink sand, is also synonymous with breast cancer awareness. For every catamaran charter, the Restless Native donates a portion of your cost to the Bermuda Cancer and Health Center and an American Cancer Research facility.

Sail, snorkel, feel good.

3.5 Hour Snorkeling Tour

This snorkeling tour in the shallow waters of Bermuda is suitable for anyone. The friendly staff are certain to provide a great time on the water exploring Bermuda’s turquoise and gem-like ocean. After your snorkel around a gorgeous cove you are free to drink a Bermuda Rum Swizzle on the catamaran.

Feel free to lay down on the hammocks overstretching the boat with the water below or make yourself comfortable in the interior cabin.

On this tour you will learn from the tour guides about Bermuda, the beauty that you can expect to find while snorkeling, the island’s history and culture, and many other interesting stories. The crew will keep you entertained!

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