Bermuda Eco Tours - Tom Moore's Jungle | Paget Marsh | Spittle Pond

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Explore Bermuda’s unique ecology on this eco tour. In four hours, you will be able to see all of Tom Moore’s Jungle and its untouched nature while learning about its caves and many wonders. You will also have a chance to visit Paget Marsh and the Spittal Pond Nature Reserve. Learn more about these areas before departing on an adventure you won’t forget.

Tom Moore’s Jungle

On your tour of Tom Moore’s Jungle, you will have a chance to see what Bermuda was like before it was colonized and people learned of our beautifully amazing island. The ‘jungle’ takes up 12 acres of pristine land along the coast in Hamilton Parish and contains mangroves, nature trails, natural pools, and of course, seclusion. There are also a number of caves to explore.

Spittal Pond Nature Reserve

Enjoy scenic views of the ocean as Spittal Pond’s entrance begins at the top of a hill with the trails heading down towards the coastline. As you walk down the trails you will come to a lagoon at the bottom that is home to Bermuda’s many birds. This is a favorite spot for migrating and local birds and Spittal Pond’s 8 acres are easy to explore. Once again, it is also a place that is off the beaten path, and you won’t find many other visitors here.

Paget Marsh

This is another area in Bermuda that is untouched and just about the same as when Bermuda’s first settlers came to the island haven that we call home. The nature reserve has many endemic trees, but the area is also pretty much a wetland. With that said, there is a boardwalk that spans the area for the adventurous to explore.

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