Cooper's Island Nature Reserve and Aquarium and Zoo Private Tour

Bermuda Aquarium Tour Rates

Up until 1995, Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve was once owned by the US Army, Air Force, and Navy, with NASA also using the area as a space tracking station. It has been open to public since but has maintained its pristine environment.

Our tour guide will teach you about the wildlife and nature in the area along with its long history on this private tour. Prepare to spend 2 1/2 hours at Cooper’s Island while walking around and listening to the commentary of the knowledgeable tour guides.

Many visitors to Bermuda head to the Bermuda Museum, Aquarium, Zoo – on this tour you will spend 2 hours at the aquarium learning about Bermuda’s biodiversity and wildlife, in and out of the surrounding ocean. One particular display at the aquarium is the North Rock Exhibit, which is a 140,000 gallon tank of water that accurately reflects the ecosystem of Bermuda’s northern coral reef. Also on display are over 200 species of fish and marine invertebrates from the shallow waters surrounding the island. The zoo has over 300 birds, reptiles, and mammals that call Bermuda and other coastal areas home.

Your experienced tour guide will give you insights that only locals would know, and you are sure to have a great time.

The cost includes entry into the aquarium.


Why book your private tour with Thinking of Bermuda:

  • The tour can be customized to fit your schedule.
  • Pick up and drop off locations of your choice.
  • Air-conditioned vehicles.
  • Local Tour Guides with Extensive Knowledge
  • Zero Booking Fees.

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