Snorkeling and Scuba Diving In Bermuda

Snorkeling in Bermuda
Snorkel Bermuda
Scuba diving in Bermuda
Bermuda snorkeling

The Bermuda Triangle has some of its allure because of the hundreds of shipwrecks scattered around Bermuda. The island’s coral reef ecosystem gives you the opportunity to dive some spectacular underwater sites. You will see vertical walls of coral reef and when visibility conditions are right you can see up to 150′ down from the surface. As soon as you jump off the back of the boat with your mask, you will easily be able to see shipwrecks 80′ deep. Remember, Bermuda is the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and so the water is very clean and clear.

Snorkeling In Bermuda

There are an abundance of snorkeling boats to choose from in Bermuda. You are going to want to find a boat that goes a little bit offshore and not inside the bays. The reason is because one way some types of coral reefs feed is by filtering marine organisms – and this happens where there is a lot of free flowing water and strong currents. So with more food available offshore, more coral can sustain itself in a higher concentration and biodiversity.

Snorkeling Tours

You will find most of the snorkeling boat charters in Dockyard with a few boats in other places on the island. We can recommend what boats to jump on board in order to ensure the best experience but if you have a group of 4-8 people it becomes just as affordable to hire your own boat and captain for a tour. See the details below.

Scuba Diving Packages BermudaBermuda Scuba Diving Packages

5 night/6 days hotel stay – Ocean View Room

5 Star PADI Resort Diving Center

Daily breakfast for two

Taxes and Gratuities Included

Six dives – including one night dive

Additional dives available at $100 a dive

Package prices start at $1,259 per person

Learn more about the available scuba diving packages in Bermuda by sending us an email, filling in a contact form, or calling us toll-free: 855-777-2038.


Scuba Diving In Bermuda

Get your group fully PADI certified while you are in Bermuda. We can help recommend and organize the hotels you would want to stay in, the different dive centers to go to, and the different sites you want to dive. Customers consistently come back with rave reviews for the instructors on the dive boats in Bermuda that we will partner you with. You will see some beautiful coral reef, beautiful sand, and many, many shipwrecks.


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