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With Thinking of Bermuda, you are able to organize every detail of your wedding in Bermuda.

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What Our Brides & Grooms Say About Us

“My fiance and I booked our destination wedding through Thinking of Bermuda and our initial worries of the logistics of carrying out a wedding far away were quickly swept away by John and Ginny at Thinking of Bermuda. From the first step until the very end, John and Ginny were there for us with answers at every turn. No matter what we threw at them, they always came back with an answer immediately. Whenever I called John, regardless of the time and day, he always picked up and to be honest I have no idea what his voicemail even sounds like, because he was always on the other end of the line, available to us. Our wedding was a shoreside wedding off of a Royal Caribbean cruise, and John was our liaison who gathered information from the cruise company and provided it to us. Any question we asked, John would call Royal Caribbean right away and sit on hold with them until he got answers for us. On multiple occasions, the cruise line initially refused to make exceptions to give us something we wanted, and John fought for us until we got what we wanted. Ginny is very hardworking, extremely friendly and easy to talk and communicate with. She seemed to understand what we wanted from the get-go and was very informed. Both her and John seemed to anticipate what questions we would ask, and provided us with answers. The people at Thinking of Bermuda made the wedding process seem like a breeze, and working with them was a pleasure. Thanks T.O.B!”

– Yelena & Vadim


Hi Ginny & John –

Mark and I want to thank you so much for your help on making our hopes of marriage in Bermuda feel instantly like a reality. We recommend your site and services to anyone, Bermudian or not, looking to marry in Bermuda. Thank you so much for getting back to us right away, and with so many details on how to make this dream possible.


Our best,

– Veronica & Mark