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About Bermuda
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Frequently Asked Questions About Bermuda

What is the general price range for hotels in Bermuda?

$160/night – $700/night

What happens if the hotel can not accommodate my group size?

We at Thinking of Bermuda can introduce you to hotels that will rent out blocks of rooms close together and other hotels that will allow you to rent out the entire hotel and its facilities. Call or email us for more information on any potential group travel discounts.

What cruise ships have regular calls to Bermuda in 2014?

The Norwegian Breakaway, Norwegian Dawn, Royal Caribbean Grandeur of the Seas, Royal Caribbean Explorer of the Seas, and the Celebrity Summit.

Do I need a passport for Bermuda?

Before you travel to Bermuda make sure you have the following;

A valid, machine readable passport,

Adults, children, infants, and any persons under 18 traveling alone to Bermuda will need to have their passport. This is used to prove your identity as well as proof of citizenship which will allow you to return home. As much as we love you in Bermuda, we have a 3 month tourist visa.

Also, when you arrive, you must have already purchased your ticket to leave. It can be in the form of a round-trip ticket or an onward ticket to another destination – different than your arrival destination.

Do I need a visa for Bermuda?

A visa to Bermuda is not required for visitors with passports to the following countries:

  • USA – Residents and holders of permanent resident cards
  • Canada – Residents and holders of permanent resident cards
  • UK – UK residents must be able to show no limit has been placed on their stay in the UK
  • Hong Kong – holders of the Special Administrative Region Passport or British National (Overseas)
  • Republic of Cyprus – holders of Cypriot Passports

After traveling to Bermuda, if you as a visitor decide to visit another country afterwards, you must have the relevant visa for that next country prior to your arrival in Bermuda.

If you need a visa to travel to the USA, UK, or Canada, you will only need to have a multiple reentry visa so that you can leave and return to one of the following three countries just mentioned. You will not need a visa for Bermuda specifically. Even though this is the current law, these laws do change. We recommend calling the Bermuda Immigration department before planning a trip to Bermuda if you are unsure of how these laws may affect you. This is the official site: http://www.immigration.gov.bm/


General Questions About Bermuda

Why is Bermuda sand pink?

Beach sand is made up of particles of rocks, minerals, and skeletal remains of marine organisms. Bermuda’s pink sand comes from a species of red foraminifera which is a marine organism growing on the coral reefs surrounding the island. The red foraminifera breaks off into the white sand because of fish feeding on the algae growing on the coral as well as with the power of the water moving around. This red/pink organism is what makes Bermuda’s sand pink.

What local Bermudian dishes should I try?

Bermuda fish chowder with a shot of sherry peppers and Gosling’s Black Seal Rum. A codfish and potato breakfast on Sunday. Cassava Pie. Fresh Bermuda caught fish. Shark hash. Conch fritters. Hot cross buns and fish cakes are seasonally made near the month of April for Good Friday.

What drinks should I try?

Gosling’s Dark & Stormy, Rum Swizzle, and Black & Coke. The Bermuda Triangle of Drinks!

What side of the road do you drive on in Bermuda?

In Bermuda you drive on the left side of the road. Be careful not to drive onto the wrong side when entering the road!

Do I need to exchange my US dollars?

No, everywhere in Bermuda uses US dollars and Bermuda dollars interchangeably. So bring your US dollars, just make sure to change back or spend all of your Bermuda dollars before leaving.

Other currencies are not freely traded on the island and so it is recommended you exchange your local currency into US Dollars before you arrive.

What is Bermuda’s time zone?

4 hours behind GMT and 1 hour ahead of Eastern Standard Time.

How big is Bermuda?

The island is 20.6 square miles – shaped like a fish hook, it is 2 miles at its widest point and 22 miles long.

What is the Population of Bermuda?

Approximately 65,000.

Is the Bermuda Triangle real? Should I worry about it?


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