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“My fiance and I booked our destination wedding through Thinking of Bermuda and our initial worries of the logistics of carrying out a wedding far away were quickly swept away by John and Ginny at Thinking of Bermuda. From the first step until the very end, John and Ginny were there for us with answers at every turn. No matter what we threw at them, they always came back with an answer immediately. Whenever I called John, regardless of the time and day, he always picked up and to be honest I have no idea what his voicemail even sounds like, because he was always on the other end of the line, available to us. Our wedding was a shoreside wedding off of a Royal Caribbean cruise, and John was our liaison who gathered information from the cruise company and provided it to us. Any question we asked, John would call Royal Caribbean right away and sit on hold with them until he got answers for us. On multiple occasions, the cruise line initially refused to make exceptions to give us something we wanted, and John fought for us until we got what we wanted. Ginny is very hardworking, extremely friendly and easy to talk and communicate with. She seemed to understand what we wanted from the get-go and was very informed. Both her and John seemed to anticipate what questions we would ask, and provided us with answers. The people at Thinking of Bermuda made the wedding process seem like a breeze, and working with them was a pleasure. Thanks T.O.B!” – Yelena and Vadim

6 Reasons To Get Excited About Your Wedding In Bermuda

Bermuda is without a doubt paradise on earth. Few places on the planet can match the splendor that is Bermuda. The entire country is like one big garden next to the beach, making it a top romantic getaway for couples. Over the years, this island has witnessed an influx in the number of couples keen to get the most out of Bermuda.

Most lovebirds tour Bermuda to either get married or renew their vows, a rationale that has seen the island christened as a couples retreat. There are many reasons to get thrilled by the thought of getting married in Bermuda. Here are 6 reasons why Bermuda is a top wedding destination capable of leaving etched memories enough to last a life time.
Cambridge Beaches Beach DinnerThe Beaches
Romance and sand go hand in hand. Bermuda boasts the world’s most spectacular pink sandy beaches. Envision an exchange of vows done on a sun kissed beach against a backdrop lined with tall palm trees bowing to the island’s breeze. Now that’s quite something.
On a beach like the secluded Jobson’s Cove nestled in Warwick Parish, you are encircled by stiff cliffs and flora, a perfect background for amazing wedding photos. Yet with most of Bermuda’s natural beauty still intact, it is easy to find a magical place for your wedding.
After all is said and done, Bermuda has some of the most amazing beaches and ocean backdrops in the world.

fort_weddingThe Parks
Bermuda has scores of fine-looking parks, presenting an ambiance perfect for romance. Nothing beats an exchange of vows in the natural beauty of a park somewhere in Bermuda. One of the hot parks for nuptials is Astwood Cove. This park sits atop a steep cliff overlooking a secluded beach and the expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. Due to the high cliffs, you may see birds swooping in about as they come and go from their nests.

Front StreetSight Seeing
True love beckons. A ferry ride would be a fun, romantic way to see and explore Bermuda by getting from one scenic place to another. Couples can walk the historic St. George’s town and feel like they have gone back in time since the town is beautifully preserved. Bermuda is cozy in size, a fact that makes it enchanting to explore on foot. Throughout the island are beautiful cottages dating back to the British period.
Bermuda is never jam-packed; there are relatively few cars on the road, no neon signs or billboards. This has left most of the countryside naturally beautiful. Bermuda’s attractions are unmatched anywhere in the world. Look forward to an experience like no other when you choose Bermuda as your wedding destination.

Aerial View of golf courseGolfing
Bermuda has more golfing courses per square mile than any other country in the world. With picturesque views, fairways and ocean views, there is much more to see than 18 holes! Some of the golf courses for couples to visit include the Port Royal Golf Course which is ranked among the best public golf courses in the world by Golf Digest and named Bermuda’s finest course by the New York Times. This spectacular golf course also features a 300 yard oceanfront driving range and a lush clubhouse.
The Tucker Point golf course perfectly nestled along Castle Harbor and Harrington Sound presents a chance for holiday makers to enjoy some of the most breathtaking views of the Island. It is the undulations and landscape that makes this 18 hole course a must visit for every couple seeking lifetime memories.

Spirit of BermudaA Boat Ride Under the Stars
Bermuda’s exquisiteness lies in its intimacy. You are in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and so the stars are scattered across the sky unlike any popular city anywhere else in the world. On the water, you will be able to tuck into a few secluded coves and awe at the homes of Bermuda’s wealthiest.

Crystal clear waterScuba Diving
Explore the crystal clear waters of Bermuda’s expansive coral reef system. Tour guides are on hand to help you as you head out for a few hours of underwater adventure. The island is famous for its more than 300 shipwrecks and dazzling coral reefs. In fact, Bermuda is known as the ‘Shipwreck Capital Of The World’. While you dive in the clear waters, take a glimpse at shipwrecks from 300 years ago that were trying to pass through the unforgiving coral reef system surrounding the island.


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