Casino Resorts in Bermuda May Soon Be A Reality

19 December 2013
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19 December 2013, Comments: 2

It’s funny, I wanted to write this article a few days ago and had been putting it off for other pressing matters (organizing wedding details), but I just saw that Vancouver has now approved a $535 million casino hotel complex with the owners, the existing Edgewater Casino, expecting to start construction in 2014. I believe it was a sign. A sign to get this article out there.

With Bermuda now putting the matter of allowing casino resorts in Bermuda to Parliment, it will be exciting to see how the next five years unfold if the law is passed to allow the casinos to operate on the island.

These types of resorts bring in substantial investments and offer an alternative to the current things to do in Bermuda. Jamaica has passed laws in 2010 to allow casino resorts on their island, and so it seems like Bermuda will now have the chance to do the same.

Wall Street Article About Bermuda and What Gambling Can Do

There was a great Wall Street Journal article (paywall) about ideas that Bermuda could use for tourism. The author asked the question, “can Bermuda attract the stupendously rich of today?” He talks about casino resorts in Bermuda being a factor that can help bring about a resounding ‘yes’ to that question. He also asked the question if Bermuda’s charm and natural beauty will be diminished. He doesn’t think so, and neither do I.

You can hear the writer’s love for Bermuda in the WSJ article, and it is hard to be unbiased when speaking of such beauty.

Will We Retain Our Beauty and Charm?

If proper laws and regulations are enacted to preserve our island’s beauty, Bermuda can develop high-end, modern resort complexes. The island is just a short flight from the east coast of the United States and many travelers would be more than happy to take a vacation in Bermuda. With the introduction to gambling, Bermuda also stands to attract many travelers from the Middle East and Asia looking to travel to Bermuda – somewhere that is new and exciting to the developing nations with new-found wealth.

Cruise Ships and Their Impact

The island recently made gambling in port for cruise ships legal, when previously it wasn’t allowed. With possible plans for the Quantum of the Seas to come to Bermuda, if the port gets approval to be dredged, the cruise ship will be the largest one to make regular cruises to Bermuda. That is saying something since, this will add to the Norwegian Cruise Lines’ newest ship, the Norwegian Breakaway which already cruises from New York to Bermuda. These two ships alone would bring tens of thousands of visitors.

Another aspect to note – Bermuda, unlike its Caribbean cousins, has cruise ships that stay overnight on the island for a few nights at a time. This will allow up to 380,000 people each year to come to our shores by cruise and gamble in our casinos.

Tell us your thoughts in the comments about allowing casino resorts into Bermuda.

2 responses on “Casino Resorts in Bermuda May Soon Be A Reality

  1. Bev Earl says:

    It would be a terrible shame to allow these ships and gambling. If you want money allow it. If you want the natural charm of the island to stay, vote it down. And by the way, what happened to the quiet mopeds of years ago? Loud, fast and way too many. This is our 4th trip to Bermuda but will most likely be our last if gambling is allowed.

    • Johnny Gallo says:

      Hi Bev, there are others that relate to you as well. I will remember your opinion if asked about gambling on the island. It will be a shame to have you not return though, we are sure Bermuda’s charm will always be there.

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